Nice that you’re back to our Product of the Month blog! Today we will entertain you with some more information about the various species of Celosia.
The Celosia Plumosa, also called Celosia argentea, is feather-shaped, and can grow up to 80 cm high depending on the subspecies of Plumosa.
Celosia cristata, also referred to as cockscomb or coral Celosia, has a crinkled shape. Although the comb stands out when looking at this flower, this is not the actual flower. The flower buds are located under the comb, on the sides of the widened part between comb and stem.
Celosia Spicata creates cylindrical spiky flowers, which look a little similar to wheat. Hence the name wheat Celosia.
What all kinds of Celosia have in common is a vibrant color palet, which veries from red and pink to yellow and green.

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