Hello again, nice of you to tune in at our Product of the Month blog. Dahlia are in the spotlight this month, and in this part we would like to tell you a little more about the various subspecies of Dahlia. There are about 30 species of Dahlia. All varieties we know today, and which are offered as cutflower, are hybrids. This means they are cross-breedings from multiple of the original species.
The shape of flowers heads differs per species. Decorative Dahlias are quite large, and have wider spread pedals (like ‘Karma Maarten Zwaan’ and ‘Cafe au Lait’) as to where the Pompon and Ball varieties (like ‘Netty’ and ‘Red Cap’) are more compact with curled up pedals. And some species resemble other kinds of flowers, like the Orchid Dahlia and the Anemone-flowered Dahlia.
Althought Dahlia are very pretty and can be grown fairly easily, especially the pedals are very fragile. Therefore they have to be handled with care, and preferably transported in buckets of water.

More to come next week!